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Terms and Conditions

As a consigner, you will receive the agreed upon amount above less applicable expenses such as sales tax, cleaning, payment processing or Paypal fees. Items that are worn or not new (deadstock) may require cleaning prior to being put on the sales floor. A cleaning fee of $7.00cad/item will be charged which is either deducted from the amount you are to receive when items sell or will be due to The Authentics Club if your unsold items are picked up. In some cases, the cleaning fee could be more than $7.00cad/item if more than standard cleaning is needed to prepare your items for sale. “If and when the item sells, payment will be made no later than 16 business days after the item has been marked as sold, payment will be made via PayPal. The consignment period begins once your item is approved. Though we value your input, pricing is made at the discretion of our pricing experts. Items will be priced at the going resale rate, prices will be marked to sell. Our standard consignment term is 30 days. Consigners may be asked to pick up unsold items or furnish a shipping label for your items return at any time, or the item can be priced and sold at the sole discretion of The Authentics Club staff. If your item is not picked up, or sold within 60 days of the date of the consignment agreement the item may at that point become the property of The Authentics Club. If your item is removed from consignment before 30 days of the date of consignment approval, then The Authentics Club reserves the right to charge 10% of the suggested selling price or $25cad per item, whichever is greater. In the event that your item is deemed unauthentic or arrives in a condition not as described, this will result in a authentication or appraisal fee of $40cad.